Coolest Tech from the Mobile World Congress 2016

We had gone through our first part series on the tech unveiled at the Mobile World Congress. Here’s the next part of the series. Enjoy this one. Epson Moverio BT-300 Smart Glasses     Many companies like Google have stopped their augmented reality programs, despite top executives like Sergey Brin wearing the device at every event and conference. For example, Google Glass was discontinued as the company looks to find a new direction in augmented reality. However, Epson has released their latest Moverio BT-300 augmented reality glasses at the MWC after launching the BT-100 in 2012 and the BT-200 in 2014. Epson says the device is 20% lighter than the BT-200 and has a 0.43-inch Silicon OLED HD display with a resolution of 1280×720, a 5MP camera, and is powered by a Quad-Core Intel Atom X5 SoC processor running Android Lollipop. Priced at $799, the company plans to ship the device later in 2016. Augmented reality can be a tremendous help to doctors and nurses who need to visualize a person’s inner biological structure for medical needs. For example, finding veins and AR-assisted surgeries are not far away in the future. Samsung Gear 360   view full post » Continue reading Coolest Tech from the Mobile World Congress 2016

Marshmallow – Android 6.0 – Problems fixed

Marshmallow Wi-Fi battery drain This is a fascinating issue, for the most part since it is an instance of the kid who called wolf. Considerable measures of Marshmallow clients have been posting screenshots of their battery use page, which indicate Wi-Fi to be the greatest battery drain on Marshmallow. Much of the time, that is simply false reporting, and the gadget’s battery life is really unaffected by Wi-Fi, yet some different clients are seeing the same information and it is influencing their battery. Solutions for this Marshmallow issue have been proposed. The first is to go to Settings > Backup and reset > Network settings reset to clear all your association information. This incorporates Bluetooth and cellular data, so you’ll have to reconfigure everything subsequently. General Marshmallow battery drain The fastest solution for fixing battery drain is to update your apps (so that they are compatible with the new Android version) and then wipe the app and system caches to clear out old data. To clear them separately, go to Settings > Apps > select application > Storage > Clear reserve; to clear all application stores at the same time, go to Settings > Storage and USB > Cached information Continue reading Marshmallow – Android 6.0 – Problems fixed

The Role of Cloud Computing In IT Industry

The advent of mobile devices has made cloud computing more essential than ever before. Digital technology continuously thrives, and cloud technology continuously evolves with it. These days, the cloud is not merely a system for extra data storage, but it is treated as a versatile system for practical data scaling, efficient use and management of resources, and easy access to storage and data for a range of mobile devices and computers. This way, cloud computing has become an essential aspect of the IT industry. Through cloud services, you can make the most of using the web as an important asset of your business to increase profitability. The idea around cloud computing is the interconnectivity of a wide range of devices via a secure network, resulting in fast and secure communication across the world. The cloud lets you connect wirelessly to it through mobile devices like mobile phones and tablets, as well as from laptops and desktops, so you can access any stored data. This way, you can easily share and access data online at all times, no matter where you are. Data loss is almost never an issue with a secure cloud service. Likewise, security is higher and stricter, so Continue reading The Role of Cloud Computing In IT Industry

What benefits do we derive from solar panels?

Sun powered energy, got from sun by use solar panels, is one of the best methods for ‘practicing environmental awareness’. It’s an effort towards fabricating and keeping up reasonable and renewable force sources. Here are a few advantages you are to get on the off chance that you install a solar panel in your residence. Sunlight based controlled ventilation: Solar panels Perth is used to harness sun’s energy to run roof fans, floor fans and shower fans. Hence, considering solar power for warming and chilling will actually reduce your energy costs. Water warming: Have you thought about how possible it is of warming water with sun based power as opposed to utilizing customary power or gas to do the task? In spite of the fact that the expense of purchasing and introducing the board can be critical, but you are going to save money for a long time ahead. Sunlight based fueled water pumps: After warming the water, you have to link it with a pump. The pump would be regularly associated with your home’s energy supply. Be that as it may, let me help you with a pleasant tip. Utilize the vitality of the sun to run a DC Continue reading What benefits do we derive from solar panels?

Read About Samsung Galaxy Note5 – Full Phone Specifications

If you are planning to buy galaxy note 5 by Samsung, then it is the time to look for Samsung Galaxy Note5 – Full phone specifications.The information is easily available on the internet and helps you to get detailed idea about how the device is going to meet your expectations. Though, it is recommended to choose a credible website, which offers authentic information and unbiased reviews about the handset. There are several tech blogs and portals, sharing information related to the same. They are considered as great source for the same. Samsung Galaxy Note5 is a handset, which is powered with 5.7 inches of screen, which provides crystal clear display with 1440 pixels by 2560 pixels of resolution with PPI of 518 pixels per inch. This explains that visuals appearing on the screen are certainly a treat for the human eyes. That’s not it, the handset is very slim and attractive as it has a non-removable battery and hence it looks attractive.  The device runs on android 5.1.1 and ensures that excellent connectivity is provided to the users with the 3G and 4G connectivity. Samsung Galaxy Note5  Strong and powerful 1.5GHz octa-core Exynos 7420 processor is installed as view full post Continue reading Read About Samsung Galaxy Note5 – Full Phone Specifications

MLM Software for Crowd Funding

Online Crowd Funding Platform; The easiest, most innovative, awesome ways to raise money for a personal cause or charity. Raise Money For A Variety Of Humanitarian Causes. The First Crowd Funding MLM Software for your community to Help You Realize Your Dreams. Crowdfunding Has Been Featured In CNN The wall street journal and The New York Times. It is considered as one of the most effective and easy ways to raise funds and help each other.There are three main reasons why people unconnected to a project or business would supports crowd funding: They connect to the greater purpose of the campaign They connect to a physical aspect of the campaign like the rewards They connect to the creative display of the campaign’s presentation Knowing these points is extremely key to creating a successful campaign. Each campaign should contain a powerful reason behind the idea, exciting and unique rewards, and an eye-catching display. WHAT WE DO? We provide website and required MLM software that can help you to make very strong community or user group who can raise funds for each other and make your project more successful.Our services includes: 3D Logo design for your crowd funding project Mobile responsive website Continue reading MLM Software for Crowd Funding

PCBs entering the environment as a byproduct is currently unregulated

PCBs entering the environment as a byproduct is currently unregulated While the concentrations of PCBs discovered in the study are low, experts warn that the accumulation of these chemicals in both the human body and the environment can become problematic. The industrial chemicals are long-lasting in the Earth and bioaccumulate as they move up the food web, even affecting animals like bears and orcas. Experts say almost every body of water in Washington is contaminated by PCBs. “A lot of the PCBs we were dealing with 40, 50 years ago are the same PCBs we’re dealing with today because they stick around for a very long time,” added Stone. “Part of the reason we were concerned about this issue is it’s sort of a new source. New PCBs are unexpectedly being added to the existing PCBs, so rather than resolving our problems, we’re continually making new PCBs and adding them to the environment on almost a daily basis.” PCBs entering the environment as a byproduct is currently unregulated While the concentrations of PCBs discovered in the study are low, experts warn that the accumulation of these chemicals in both the human body and the environment can become problematic. The view Continue reading PCBs entering the environment as a byproduct is currently unregulated

Cool New Technology Gadgets For the Geeks in You

Technology is evolving every single day and it’s becoming really hard to keep a track on things. If you’re a gadget lover, chances are that you’re always checking for new gizmo releases every day. Here is a list of 5 new technology gadgets you might be interested in! Freewrite – The World’s First Smart Typewriter Develop your beginning, middle, and end in one fell swoop with the Freewrite, the world’s first smart typewriter. Enjoy writing distraction free with only what is necessary to write in today’s modern world: a keyboard, a screen, and a way to backup and save your work. Although it has a built in Wi-Fi connection, you won’t be tweeting, liking, or following. The Freewrite connects seamlessly to your favorite apps such as Evernote, Dropbox, Google Drive, and more. The E Ink screen features a front light for easy review as you write. The rugged and durable aluminum body securely holds the full sized mechanical keyboard and is complete with a handle for portability. InsideCoach – Connected Smart Soccer Ball The InsideCoach-Connected Soccer Ball contains motion detection technology. It collects and reports data such as force, trajectory, spin, passes and touches. Then uses view full post »

Android Backup Assistant – Backup Android Phone to PC

Many Android users complain that they always mistakenly delete something important when they’re using some functions on their Android devices. Or losing text messages and contacts by accidents, we have to admitted that, which always means “disaster” for android phone owners. Thus, you have to backup or manage these data systematically in the daily life. To save your time, you can turn to help from the professional Android file manager program. It often occurs to Android users that the files on their phones are overwhelmed, so they need a way to back up the files and put them in order to make good arrangements. But to achieve this, a dedicated third party tool is necessarily required. The most different feature of Android smart phone from iPhone is that Android phone can contain a SD card and the battery can be taken out. If you find that you’ve maxed out the storage on your iPhone, you can store much more information and more files on your Android phone.  Don’t worry if the space of your android phone is full or lost your important data without backup, In the following parts, I will show you the simple way to sync the Android view Continue reading Android Backup Assistant – Backup Android Phone to PC

Enterprise Content Management Strategies for Independent Software Vendors (ISVs)

Enterprise content management (ECM) now involves technologies, tools, and methods that can manage content across an enterprise and revolves around the company’s ability to access, monitor, and process information efficiently. Without extensive communication, ECM implementations cannot work as it should involve people from all levels of an independent software vendors solutions. This ensures proper alignment of business and IT goals with set protocols for effective indexing. One can develop the right criteria for differentiating records from other documents. With representatives of different areas within your enterprise, one can handle document-specific processes efficiently. One can communicate the complex nature of the details with ECM vendors too. Implementation Approach The project manager should align their implementation process with the existing operations, keeping managers and team members in the loop. The workflow and automation of the processes matter. Addressing existing issues will help users to take confidence in the ECM environment. The transition should be exciting enough for all. The IT personnel will be in charge of backups and migration and their assistance is crucial for ECM implementation stages. Implementing workflows are tricky and its training should be part of ECM implementation. Additionally, ECM can only be implemented only if the client is Continue reading Enterprise Content Management Strategies for Independent Software Vendors (ISVs)